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Michel Swanski

Michel Swanski, author, expert, popular-articles.com

Sport physiotherapist, author of many scientific publications.

Mitch has graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from Leeds University by completing sport physiotherapy course. Mitch got interested into sport in his early age when he was playing rugby and realised the importance of science and evidence-based training in sports performance. His bachelor dissertation was dedicated to knee injury recovery from sporting incidence. Meanwhile, Mitch became a certified level 3 personal trainer and gained a valuable ‘in-field’ experience. Later, in his academic career, Mitch started to work on scientific research. Now Mitchel Swanski is a well-established author in peer-reviewed journals with numerous of original research publications. Mitch is with Popular Articles Pharmacy since 2017.

“Evidence-based approach and my experience, grandees the results with my clients.” Michel Swanski